Miljoenenlijn steam train at station Schin op Geul

Best day trip from Maastricht with children

Are you looking for a relaxed day trip that is easily doable from Maastricht with public transport and is fun for the whole family? I have been traveling around with our toddler and baby in Limburg a lot lately. My advice is still the same: Steam Train the Miljoenenlijn

It was a family favorite before we were officially a family. (BC – Before Children)

If you would like to get our tips on how to make the most of your day with the “most beautiful steam train line of the Netherlands” read on.

Inside photo of steam train Miljoenenlijn

Station Schin op Geul

This is the starting point and end point of your adventure with the Miljoenenlijn. We prefer to do it this way, because Schin op Geul is easy to reach by public transport. It takes about 20 minutes to get here with the stop trein from Maastricht Station. Your steam train day ticket (dagkaart) is also valid on the Arriva trains. For my feeling it is also less busy this way.

The station restaurant looks lovely and has a beautiful view. Schin op Geul station was elected as one of the best train stations in the Netherlands. Our toddler is impressed with all the train photos on the wall. We didn’t get the impression that it is a child friendly place. I have never seen so many prohibitory signs in such a small space. It is not allowed to used the toilet in the restaurant once the steam train arrives. Things like that.

I don’t know, if it’s just me, but when I hear the whistle of the steam train in the distance, I get all excited. A day with the Miljoenenlijn is a nostalgic journey back in time. Relaxed and slow. The whole operation is run by volunteers. You can feel their passion for maintaining this beautiful, old tradition. They do their job with heart and soul.

Steam train Miljoenenlijn with stroller and wheelchair

In Schin op Geul the locomotive is detached from the train. The back of the train becomes its front. It’s interesting to look at the whole operation and admire the steam engine. There is plenty of time to choose your seat and settle down.

Station Simpelveld

Simpelveld is the central station of the Miljoenenlijn. Spending some time here makes the steam train experience complete for us. There is plenty of things to do here especially with children while waiting for the returning train – it travels on to Kerkrade. Our son loves looking at the model trains going around. The old baggage carts with steering wheels is also a big hit. There is a small playground and a picknick area. “Brasserie Perron 4” right along the track is nice for some food and drinks. The restaurant has a good, basic lunch selection.

Model train track Miljoenenlijn

You will surely notice the steam train’s return. It is time for the return journey to Schin op Geul.

Restaurant ‘t Koetshoes

As you probably know, Limburg is great for hiking. The route between Schin op Geul and Restaurant ‘t Koetshoes in Valkenburg is a beautiful, not too challenging nature walk. I have done it even with our bike trailer.

Our toddler loves the huge playground of ‘t Koetshoes. I love the beautiful surrounding and delicious food. My husband approves of their selection of beers. ‘t Koetshoes is right next to Kasteel Oost. The beautiful castle garden can also be visited. You even get one of the beautiful castles near Maastricht off your to-do-list. You can also wander around a bit in Valkenburg, if you have the energy (At the moment with a toddler and a baby we don’t) and take the train back from there.

Beer at ‘t Koetshoes ‘t koetshuis in Valkenburg

What do you think? Is it the best day trip from Maastricht? I’m curious to hear, what you think. Let me know, if you try it or have any questions. I would love to hear about your experience.

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